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Process21: circular industry collaboration

The Process21 circular economy expert group has, through close collaboration between industry, academia and representatives from the tripartite constituents, created strategic advice and recommendations to the Norwegian government.


The process industry in Norway need to reduce emissions from their own activities, and make sure that the industry contributes to value creation in Norway, within the framework of the Paris climate agreement.


Process21 forum was formally established in 2018 to provide strategic advice and recommendations to the Norwegian government and other actors on how to combine sustainable growth and reduced emissions from the process industry. The Process21 are based on the well-established three-party collaboration in Norway, between government, workers unions and business organisations. The expert group for circular economy had members from the industry, academia and representatives from the tripartite constituents. The main reason to organise the expert group with this diverse group of members is to ensure that business’s needs, R&D investments, government policy ambitions are supportive and well-coordinated. 


The Process21 expert group on circular economy created a report and an information video. Key recommendations included, 1) focusing on increased depreciation rates for circular projects, 2) increased knowledge of and mapping of material flows, 3) measures to reduce the amount of hazardous waste and 4) radical innovation.


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