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Working for the integratation of women waste pickers in India

A New Delhi-based non-profit organization, Chintan Environmental Research & Action Group works to reduce waste and consumption, collect and manage solid and electronic waste, and advocate around materials, waste, and consumption, as well as for waste pickers. By adopting an action research approach, their project aims to identify and achieve conditions for better social, economic, and political integration of women waste pickers.

The program establishes four decentralized plastic waste collection facilities on land owned by municipality or residents’ associations, with two being led by women waste pickers and the other two being led by men waste pickers. It identifies the optimal working conditions for women waste pickers to manage plastic waste and the differences in strategies deployed by men and women in running waste collection facilities. It conducts policy advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns on gender inequality in local waste management and recycling systems with with policymakers, municipalities, and waste pickers’ organizations. Finally, the project carries out capacity-building training for waste pickers on topics such as material handling, safety, and financial management.

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