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Join us on our ambition to double global circularity by creating your curated Collection of circular economy case studies in the Knowledge Hub.
We offer you a powerful and customisable knowledge platform where you can share your content with your audience as well as our thousands of monthly users. All while contributing to a common evidence base for the circular economy.

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Why create a Collection?
With Collections, we remove the need for organisations to build stand-alone, siloed libraries on their own website... So that knowledge can truly be shared.
Powerful white-label solution
Eliminate development time and costs. No longer have to build and maintain your own website or library. Get all the features of Knowledge Hub but with your branding!
Break down the knowledge silos
Eliminate duplication and fragmentation of knowledge across isloated websites. All cases in your collection automatically become a part of one global library.
Thousands of monthly readers
Because all your cases are also a part of the global library you can reach a growing audience of the global Knowledge Hub as well as of all other collections.
Engage your community
On the Knowledge Hub, anyone can collaborate by directly adding or updating case studies. Invite your local businesses to continuously share their successes.
Circular Norway hopes that by sharing case studies on the Knowledge Hub, we can inspire others to become more circular. Because the KH is global and open-access, we think it’s the best place to gather all things circular. There are so many filters, so our Norwegian readers can easily find Norwegian examples, but they can also be inspired by others. We think that if everyone starts using the Knowledge Hub actively, it can become the go-to place for circular economy reports, business cases and policy developments.
Sofie Pindsle, Project Manager, Circular Norway
What is a Knowledge Hub Collection?
    A Knowledge Hub Collection is your library of case studies, with all the perks and features of the global Knowledge Hub platform:
  • Unlimited number of case studies, readers or editors
  • Advanced search and filtering
  • Community editing
  • Custom frameworks
  • Cloud hosting and maintainance
As well as:
  • Customized homepage design to fit your branding:
  • Your banner image
  • Your logo
  • Your tagline
  • Your framework (*Full Membership feature)
  • About your organisation
The best part: your readers can include cases from the Global Collection in your Collection’s search results
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