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Clean water is all you need

Hako is a producer of cleaning machines. They are offering the solution "Clean Water", a cleaning alternative where you only need water and microfibre cloth to get a clean surface. The machines will clean your surface without leaving any traces of chemicals or lime.


Most cleaning is done using chemicals and soap, this might lead to residue being left on the surface. It can also mean that you will use more water, to make sure you have rinsed the surface well.


Hako want to offer their clients a sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning alternative. They therefore offer leasing of their machines. Through the contract you have yearly service on the machines. Clean water from Hako is a solution where they use filtered water in their machines, and microfibre cloths. This combination leaves a ultra clean surface, without the use of chemicals and risk of residue.

The clean water solution can be applied to most of their machines and it only an additional filter added to the machine.

The filter needs an annual change, when leasing the machine this is included in the contract.


The clean water solution leaves an ultra clean surface, without the use of chemicals and risk of residue.

With this solution, you can greatly reduce the use of chemicals and water.

Through leasing machines, Hako is able to keep the machines water and energy efficient while extending the life time of the machines.

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