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Re-con zero Evo - Reducing waste and inputs in concrete production

MAPEI haș developed a process in which they are able to convert, residue materials from concrete into reusable material for concrete production. The new process is able to clean the containers, dry the left over slag which can then be added as resource into new concrete production. Through this process, they are removing a waste problem and saving primary materials.


Every year, 10 billion cubic meters of concrete are produced. As much as 50 million cubic meters of this will not be used on the construction site. This concrete currently represents a waste problem, and a significant additional cost in construction projects.


MAPEI has now launched a system that chemically converts soft residual concrete into dry aggregate (crushed stone), and which can be used in the production of new concrete. The concrete that is returned to the concrete mixer is treated while it is in the drum.


A cubic meter of residual concrete is converted to approx. 2200 kg crushed stone which is as suitable as other crushed stone for the production of concrete. This means that the solution not only recycles the concrete 100%, but you also get materials of high value from the process. The system has been tested at 15 - 20 concrete production facilities in the Nordic region, and the results have proven to be very satisfactory. This is clearly a solution for the future.

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