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Policy case
The 15-minute City in Paris

The City of Paris has championed the idea of a 15-minute city within its urban design; whereby everything that residents need can be reached within 15 minutes, either by foot, bike or public transport. This forward-thinking approach to urban design rethinks the driver of urban consumption, and cuts the need for fossil fuel-powered transportation, while improving the quality of life for its residents. 

Taken together, the new trees and cycleways, community facilities and social housing, homes and workplaces all reflect a potentially transformative vision for urban planners: the 15-minute city. 15-minute concept was developed primarily to reduce urban carbon emissions, reimagining our towns not as divided into discrete zones for living, working, and entertainment, but as mosaics of neighborhoods in which almost all residents’ needs can be met within 15 minutes of their homes on foot, by bike, or on public transit. As workplaces, stores, and homes are brought into closer proximity, street space previously dedicated to cars is freed up, eliminating pollution and making way for gardens, bike lanes, and sports and leisure facilities. All of this allows residents to bring their daily activities out of their homes (which in Paris tend to be small) and into welcoming, safe streets and squares.

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