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Foodeals: Surplus food redistribution application in Morocco

The Moroccan startup Foodeals aims to tackle food loss and waste in supermarkets and allows consumers to purchase unsold food from retailers at the end of the day at a discount via an app. The mobile application uses geolocation to find businesses that have unsold or products at a discount which can then be bought with savings that vary between 30% and 90%.


According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), food losses in Sub-Saharan Africa adding up to US$4 billion annually and in the Near East and North Africa (NENA) food losses are estimated on average at 250 Kg of food per capita annually between the harvest and the point of sale. The problem appears along the whole supply food value chains which sum up to 68% of food loss and waste from production, handling, processing, distribution and consumption.


Based on the idea “Add value to unsold products for a sustainable trade” the start-up Foodeals was founded to prevent food waste in supermarkets. Foodeals created an online application for consumers to acquire food that otherwise won’t be bought in the supermarket due to its expiration day. Restaurant owners and supermarkets are able to attain a broader customer range due to the additional visibility on the new marketplace and show their offers at any given time to prevent food loss. 


In Morocco, brands and franchises of the catering industry started to support the “Foodeals” application to sell their unsold products at a lower price and to work against food waste loss. Next expansions are planned to cover Fez and other parts of Morocco. Besides the application, Foodeals gives their customers additional information about food waste on their website.

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