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Gutermann: Water loss reduction in Miami-Dade County

The Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department manages more than 1300 kilometres of water transmission, which serves more than 2.3 million people. The department has been tasked with executing an 11 billion euro capital improvement program to upgrade their infrastructure and minimise losses. A Swiss leak detection technology, Gutermann, will be installed throughout the county—enhancing its ability to pinpoint and quickly resolve leaks. This technology is viewed as one of the most accurate and thorough in the market, and is used in more than 100 major cities worldwide. Once fully installed, the system will be able to meet the industry target of less than 10% non-revenue water loss—extending the life of infrastructure, increasing revenues and preventing water from going to waste.  


Miami-Dade County operates more than 10,000 kilometres of water distribution and transmission lines, which bring water to 2.3 million people. However, leaks and other issues in the pipes can lead to extensive water losses—in some cities as high as 70%—which is both wasteful and costly to governments and companies. Leaks and breaks in pipes can also allow for contamination of the water supply if impurities are able to enter the pipes.


Gutermann, a Swiss company specialising in water loss and leak detection technologies, is implementing its products to extensively cover the water system in Miami-Dade County. The company began a trial in 2014 with the aim of reducing water loss through leak detection, which was successful, resulting in the technology being installed along 64 kilometres of water distribution lines in the county’s service area. The system uses Zonescan sensors, which record and transmit data about the state of the pipes at multiple points along the lines. Analysis of the data occurs instantaneously, which allows the company to quickly identify and fix leaks. 


 Gutermann’s technology has seen success around the globe: it has been installed in more than 100 cities around the world, including Vancouver and Montreal, to detect and prevent leaks. Miami-Dade will be the first US county to make use of the technology. When fully operational, the system can reduce non-revenue water loss to less than 10%.

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