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Biodegradable, reusable carpet tiles from Desso

In an industry that is often overlooked for its environmental impact, Desso’s carpet tiles redesign carpet as we know it—making carpets that are fully reusable and deconstructable. The company is Cradle to Cradle certified, and every element is therefore reused, either cycled back into the original product or used for waste-to-energy production. Commitment to creating a circular economy—using only regenerative and non-harmful materials—and commitment to health and well-being are at the forefront of the company’s ethics. 


Traditional carpeting—while used extensively in residential and commercial spaces, as well as the aviation and hospitality industries—has a poor environmental track record. Usually made from synthetic, petroleum-based materials like nylon, polyester or acrylics, carpets are likely to off-gas harmful chemicals and have relatively short lifetimes, especially considering how long they last in landfill. As of yet, the vast majority is not recycled. Health and environmental issues are therefore both prevalent in the carpet industry—and with most people spending 90% of their time inside, it is necessary to create a lower-impact product.


Inspired by trends in fashion, art and design, Desso has created a carpet designed for durability and functionality, inspired by circular economy principles. Desso’s EcoBase backing has been designed for full recyclability and is created from three-quarters recycled material from the drinking water industry. The brand also runs a take-back programme, ReStart, to collect and reprocess used carpet tiles. After being separated from its backing, the yarn is returned to its manufacturer to be reused, and tiles with bitumen backing are used as fuel in the cement industry. 


The company has obtained Cradle to Cradle gold-level certification, as well as platinum-level certification for material health. The importance of collaboration is emphasised, as well as customer participation and satisfaction, which has led to Desso’s success in a number of industries. 

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