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Re/Dress - garments manufactured in Bangladesh with recycled materials

Re/DRESS is a responsible fashion brand using nearly 100% recycled cotton/polyester textiles. Designed and produced in Bangladesh, Re/DRESS collection is made from breathable textiles knit/woven from yarn spun from post-industrial cotton waste (textile waste from garment manufacturing, also called clips or scrap) and recycled polyester fibre.


48 million tones of clothing are disposed worldwide every year. 73% are incinerated, 12% is reused, 12% is downcycled, and only less then 1% is turned into new clothes.


Re/DRESS is demonstrating that textiles made of a blend of recycled cotton and polyester are both breathable and durable. The company is committed to using higher percentages (up to 100%) of recycled content in products, especially cotton. Re/DRESS recognizes that blends can pose subsequent recycling challenges and it is also working to solve this issue. Re/DRESS process is not proprietary in order to encourage others to imitate it.

Consumers can order (wholesale), source these textiles, and have their products made by Re/DRESS factory partners, or just arrange to talk to them about what they’ve learned. This project relies on the advice, expertise and generosity of the textile, ready-made garment (RMG) and design community in Bangladesh and the UK. 


One Re/DRESS T shirt made from recycled vs. conventional cotton saves 5000+ litres of water. Each kilo of recycled polyester reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 70%.

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