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Business case
Erfinder Garden: a tool library in Munich

The Erfinder Garden is a non-profit organisation that makes tools available for use and provides young people with education about how to work independently with these tools, aiming to make borrowing easier than buying.


As an affluent city in an affluent country, Munich shows high rates of consumption and, as a result, waste. While the city has good recycling rates, recycling alone cannot combat residents’ exponential consumption and waste generation.


The goal of this organisation is to inspire and enable young people to work independently for sustainable development through educational offerings and the transfer of practical knowledge. Erfinder Garden make tools available at the meeting places in Munich as low-threshold as possible and maintains a lively exchange of knowledge and experiences with the community. Through initiatives like the Munich Tool Library, it makes borrowing easier than buying and contributes to changing consumer culture. It is achieved through a digital platform that allows one to choose and book a tool at a tool library nearby. Erfinder Garden's experts then support the users with advice on how to use these tools and further enhance their knowledge with interactive workshops.


Borrowing tools is cheaper than buying something new, saves space, reduces consumption and waste, and protects the environment and the planet's resources.

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