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Encory: facilitating remanufacturing activities

This company specialises in developing and operating end-to-end circular solutions for businesses. Its activities range from implementing remanufacturing projects to purchasing sustainable raw materials and achieving optimal recycling processes, through a wide range of methods like consulting, digital tools and reverse logistics. Its goal is to provide the knowledge and solutions needed to create and manage closed cycles for its clients, particularly looking at post-sale operations. 


Munich’s manufacturing sector encompasses a wide variety of activities, which are still far from circular. However, attention is increasingly being paid to new business models that could facilitate the sector's circular transition. These efforts take the form of both coordinated action initiated by institutions, as well as changes in the strategies and operations of individual organisations. 


Encory works in four directions.

1. Reverse logistics

It enables a closed product cycle with efficient and time-saving return processes, including qualified parts identification for reuse and safe recycling.

2. Consulting

Its certified product management teams help expand the aftersales portfolio and offer services for remanufactured products, 1:1 repairs, core management and supplier qualification.

3. Digital solutions

Its modern tools support the digitalization of aftersales processes by eliminating inefficiencies and increasing transparency.

4. Obsolete goods

By purchasing obsolete and excess inventory it offers an alternative solution to scrapping, resulting in additional income and a positive impact on the environment.


Encory's services eliminate the barriers to circular business models and encourage companies to adopt circular practices.

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