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The national strategy for circular economy in Colombia.

The national strategy for the circular economy (also known as ENEC) was formulated in 2019, with the aim of creating a new model of economic development in the country; that includes the valorization of resources, optimizing efficiency in the production and consumption of materials, the correct use of resources such as water and energy, reduce the carbon footprint, increasing the benefits for new business models, the promotion of industrial symbiosis, and the consolidation of sustainable cities.


The Colombian economy as an engine of well-being presents a low diversification in products. which has led to an increase in poverty levels in recent years.


Taking that into account, It is necessary to create policies that allow the generation of new business models and innovation from the circularity and the best use of the natural resources that, in turn, create new jobs in sectors and activities that add value to the Colombian economy and result in prosperity.


The national strategy seeks to integrate the entire production chain, linking different productive sectors, to ensure that Colombia can be a leader in Latin America in the implementation of the circular economy by 2030, increasing efficiency in the use of materials, the use of resources (water and energy), taking into account the resilience of ecosystems and the circular use of material flows, maximizing their value aggregate and its useful life.

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