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Combating ocean plastic pollution through the inclusion of women

Pure Oceans is a marine conservation social enterprise based in the Philippines, working with below-the-line island and coastal communities in the Verde Island Passage of the Coral Triangle, to design waste management systems and divert coastal plastic waste into the circular economy. Their project seeks to combat ocean plastic pollution in poor communities through the inclusion of women as primary agents of change.

Specifically, the project with The Incubation Networl pilots two new business models, in three island/coastal locations: 1) Cloth diaper subscription service 2) Refillable home/lifestyle products sold door-to-door, as an alternative to sachets. It also provides additional income for sales agents, who will be disadvantaged mothers receiving conditional cash transfers from the government to keep their children in school and it promotes behavioral changes in local communities on plastic use. It also works closely with the volunteers who manage marine protection and the locations’ material recovery facilities and it carries out a market assessment on the demand for compostable diapers.

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